Should we 100% depend on money?

I had been wondering whether I can pay lesser for my insurance;
And whether the insurance that I had paid for years really can protect me now and in the near future.
Do you have the same concern?

My answer is, yes I can pay lesser;
My answer is, no… the insurance I signed on paper can’t really protect me now and in the near future, as I still lack an important skill.

The more I depend on money, the more I need to rely on insurance.
So, the question is, am I capable of reducing my dependency on money?

I realized that my life was 100% dependent on money and that was the problem.
Without the money, I can’t even survive.
I can’t feed myself as I don’t know how to grow food, I only know to use the money to buy food.
Without the money, I can’t even build a simple shelter to stay, I only know to apply for a loan and purchase a house.
Without money, I can’t get myself the basic need like electricity and water.
I depend fully on money as money can buy all these.
With money, it gives me a space of peace.
But, in fact, the more I depend on money, the more I feel insecure now.

The risks we are currently facing go beyond money.
Risks to food security, climate change and clean drinking water await at our doorstep.
I ask myself, am I ready?

@jonjandai , he is such a great mentor, I learned so much from him.
From him, I learned how to grow food, build shelter, preserve seeds, and water systems. It’s as simple as that, but it takes time for me to accept, adjust and adapt.
This is no longer a choice, but a need of the current situation and risks. A Need to learn simplicity sufficiency and sustainability skills and abilities.
This ability, this skill, is the best insurance protection plan.

Let’s invest our time, money and energy to build this skill by following closely Jon Jandai on YouTube channel, @popnchee , @seeds.msia ,, Sri Lovely organic farm @ourlivinghomestead@segalanyapermaculture So much we can learn from them.

For me, they are the greatest investor.
I’m so grateful to be able to connect with them and the community.

Build better we,

Maxine Chan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy