EVOL Table Talk

Together we learn, grow and share about humanistic wealth practice.

Sharing the insights

From the interaction with thousands of clients for over ten years, we feel responsible for sharing the insights that we learn about personal finance with the public.

Wealth Education

At this by-invitation-only Table Talk, we discuss different series of personal finance topics. From the learning experience as registered financial planners and practitioners, we share the practical concepts and solutions we practice to help people deal with daily finance issues.

Bring the knowledge to your community

Besides sharing the wealth education with invited friends, we also share it with people in the workplace/businesses. We hope to help more people by bringing this table talk to your family, friends or working community, improving financial literacy, and building better we!


Interesting & Concise

“It has enough information on what I wanted to know, so it doesn’t bore you into dry topics. Otherwise if I need to find information online, belajar sendiri, faham sendiri.. But it’s good enough, it’s concise, you terus tahu what financial planning is about. All in all this is a very good session!”

Hani, Social Worker

Right Knowledge & Essence

“In my opinion the most beneficial part is the allocation percentage shown on how we should allocate our money in monthly commitment. That was indeed the most hardest part when we do monthly segregation. Through this talk, I learn on how proper budgeting plan can actually help in order for us to plan for future ahead. Sure this discussion surely meet up to my expectation on getting what I can say as right knowledge/essence on building up a proper budget plan from scratch. Thank you EVOL.”

Norfarahana, Executive

Understand Better on the Benefit of Financial Planning

“I like the case study sharing session. It helps me to understand better on the benefit of financial planning. Different scenarios lead me to understand that no single best solution is available, and we need to justify base on our current situation. This is my first financial planning session and I think this is a very helpful session and would highly recommend everyone to join.”


Very Insightful

“Interesting how we think that we already have enough fund for retirement but we actually don’t. The case study shared very insightful. Good job EVOL team.”

Iera, Admin

Financial Planning In Detail

“The most beneficial when it spreads out financial planning in detail. I’ve never been to a proper financial planning session, so this is eye opening, and I really love the concept that this session does not entirely about one product, but it could be anything in general, and really focuses on budgeting and financial planning.”

AfdhalGraduate Architect

Help Us to Understand & Utilise Different Options

“Good sharing with different real case study of retirement journey which help us to understand and to utilise different options to secure the retirement plan based on owns requirement.”

Suet Wee, Purchaser

Very Useful Information On The Portfolio Assessment & Gap Analysis

“Very Fruitful session today!! Thanks for sharing the case studies, advices and recommendations. 😊 Especially on the portfolio assessment and the gap analysis. Very very useful information. 👏👏👏”

Yoke Peng, Assistant Manager

Things That I Want to Know

“How much is the amount that considered enough, the references, value and guideline are provided by the speakers. It goes in a gradual way to clear up the concept first and then let you know the things that I want to know as reference. I think it’s helpful for me.”

Jackie, Fresh Graduate

Especially Love the Real-life Examples

“The session was well organized. I especially love the real-life examples which outline very relatable situations one may encounter in different stages in their life and that certainly has helped improve my understanding around financial planning. I feel that I could be a lot more equipped and able to pursue my goals with greater confidence with early financial planning.”

Bernard ChinCommunity Manager

Made me Realise Simple Adjustment Can Go a Long Way

“Entire presentation was well delivered, easy to understand. Case studies were insightful. Made me realise simple adjustment can go a long way.”

Su Ping, Engineer

It Helps Participants to Understand the Situation Better

“My biggest takeaway from the session is when EVOL dissected the case study 2 for us. It helps participants to understand the situation better. From this session, I get to know the various types of RoboAdvisors. This is my very first financial planning session and so far so good. Would definitely recommend to my friends so that they get to benefit from the session too!”

Venetia YapRisk & Compliance Officer

Can be Maximized to Serve Each Goal by Realizing Each Purpose

“A great financial Retirement insight and discussion on the current available financial tools in achieving your retirement goals. Discussion was centered on real case studies and how can each case be solved for achieving one’s goal. Current financial tools can be maximized to serve each goal by realizing each purpose, and with starting early to invest, one can embark financial journey joyfully towards achieving the dream retirement.”

Liyana, Assistant Sales Manager

Clear Cut Strategy

“The best part about it is actually the knowledge of financial planning and how you want to do budgeting, that’s the most essential part of our life. It also gives you a clear cut method or strategy on what should you take to have better financial planning.”

Akmal, Procurement

Ideas That Most Ordinary People Always Looking For

“EVOL team has this genuine approach when sharing the ideas that most ordinary people always looking for in their life. This session resonated me well and beneficial to me as a woman/wife/mom (thank you for this opportunity and experience!) Reason being, I’m always looking for classes/people/team that have a solid understanding about managing financial/health risk in daily life, using relevant and genuine sharing of ideas/thoughts/approaches/techniques with intention to really create the awareness while still pushing the humanity forward and co-elevate others for a better and healthy lifestyle with appropriate financial management system/tools especially for people outside the industry.

I would definitely recommend EVOL table talk to others!”

Laily, Senior Officer

Made Me Realise to Get Financial Situation In Order

“Such a great session! Learned a lot. This was something I have always wondered but never made an effort to know more about. Thank you to my friend Amirul for inviting me to the talk. It has made me realise to get my financial situation in order as I approach 40 years old! I definitely would recommend this to everyone I know so they at least can start thinking about their finances in a more realistic manner. Thank you!”

Jelo, TV Production Coordinator

Helpful to See Case Studies As Example

“All sessions were equally beneficial but it was helpful to see the case studies as examples.
Biggest discovery was utilizing flexi home loan as “fixed deposit” or reserve fund.
This was my first session so cannot compare. Better than my expectation. Yes definitely recommended.”


Actual Study Cases Compiled is Very Helpful

“Credits to EVOL for coming out with such original content and use it to educate us.

The actual study cases compiled is very helpful and they break it down by further analyzing and explaining the why behind the what making it easy for participant to understand the pointer and message.

Definitely worth to attend for someone who is looking to start planning for retirement.

Thank you Maxine, Stanley and team.”

Kok Hwa, HR Executive

Awareness to Manage Our Financial

“The most beneficial is the awareness to manage our financial of income.
The biggest discovery I made so far is the importance of how much liquidity need to secure when I’m retired.
This experience has been an eye-opener on managing my income compare to others. Yes, this session is really up to my expectation. Yes, I recommend to all working people especially.”

Nurul Ain, Senior Executive

Very Knowledgeable Session with Real Case Sharing

“It shed some lights into how to start my financial planning as I have been clueless where to start. Very knowledgeable session with real case sharing.”

Candace Teo, Account Manager

Benefited Me a Lot in Terms of Knowledge

“I was invited by a good friend, Syafini. Thanks to her this session has benefited me a lot in terms of knowledge. I told her to share this knowledge to our other friends too as I believe this would mean a lot to them (as how I feel now). I can’t remember the name of the guy speaker but he’s delivering greatly during the session. Same goes to the cute lady. Thank you guys, now I know why Syafini loves what she’s been doing because she has a great team supporting her. Keep doing great, may God bless all of you!”

Nurul Farhanna, HR Executive

A Clear Picture on How to Manage my Financial

“This pandemic situation triggered me to more serious on financial planning. I start looking for guide on how to manage my financial and what should I do next. And one day I got the invitation from EVOL Consultancy. It help me to have a clear picture on how to manage my financial. Thank you EVOL Consultancy!”

Nonny Mohd, Senior IT Security Analyst

It’s Informative

“Overall it’s informative. The real life case studies were quite related. I think I should start to organise my current financial portfolio so that I could start early and plan early. Looking forward for more in depth session.”

Yi Qian, HR Executive

Started to Relate with What I Have Planned

“Almost all parts are important for me. I learnt some new ideas about financial planning and started to relate with what I have planned. This one is more focus for retirement but I’m still happy that regardless of saving money for future, we can still enjoy our hobby but to create habit of saving is important. I’m sure will suggest to those who needs help.”

Naimah, Lecturer

Love the Idea of Organise Current Financial Portfolio

“Love the idea of organise current financial portfolio. Definitely will recommend this session & will introduce others to join next time. :)”

Sherene Lim, Designer

So Much Impact and Knowledge

“I am very satisfied this session was able to give so much impact and knowledge to me. Sometimes we think we are ready enough to retire but we are not really sure what will happen in the future.”

Fairus, Marketing Manager


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