Financial Planning Consultation (FPC)

Opened the eyes about our financial health.

Live Consultation

A Live video meeting session allows you to consult and build the financial roadmap to achieve your most wanted financial goals.

This free one-on-one consultation session with our experienced Registered Financial Planner is open only for EVOL Table Talk participants, EVOL Community members and selected clients to have the opportunity to get personalised answers on their financial planning issues.

Humanistic Financial Planning

For advanced-stage consultation, besides giving Humanistic Financial Planning advice, we provide clients with a well-documented report to help forecast the financial standing in different scenarios and explore the affordability and ways to realise life goals.


Effective In Identifying Our Aim & How to Achieve It

“Thank you Stanley for the one on one consultation done for my family financial road map. The session was effective in identifying our aim and how to achieve it starting now. We noticed we have multiple source of savings but didn’t really put an objective to it clearly. All we know is we need to save but Stanley pointed out our flaws that without actual purpose, we can’t have a proper plan to achieve it. Hence, each saving serves a purpose. And now we have identified each clearly and had a chance to project it and Stanley suggested further how to allocate our resources on monthly basis correctly to achieve our long term financial goal. Most importantly, we now notice how important insurance is to help us if anything goes south in our plan – how much we suppose to have and how much we are currently lacking. Once again, thank you for customizing the financial road map to us! I recommend to whoever reads this post to have a session with EVOL Consultancy.”

Liyana, Assistant Sales Manager

Opened My Eyes For The First Time About The Health of My Financial Situation

“I have never considered consulting a professional financial planner before. To my surprise, Maxine mapped out my 30 year financial health projection with different case scenarios about my potential cash flow should different situations occur. She even projected how much I can spend on travel and how much I should save for my kids tertiary education. I also found out when I can finally retire happy without worrying about my financial commitments. Having these information given to me in a well documented report opened my eyes for the first time about the health of my financial situation.
I really appreciate Maxine’s patience, professionalism and effort to explain to me the details and check with me the accuracy of the data. Her honest and open feedback on my financial health has given me more confidence on my future financial planning. Maxine displayed maturity and experience in handling complicated financial matters especially when dealing with financial planning for both my Malaysia and Singapore financial situations.
I am happy that I agreed to undergo a professional financial planning with Maxine. I strongly recommend her professional services and it is without a doubt a first class service from her.”

Ben Ooi, Engineer

A Very Solid Picture Which Made Me Confident

“This is my first financial planning session. Stanley and Maxine gave a very clear and detail explanation, which was very easy to understand, and it was up to expectation.

The analysis made me know where do I stand in my financial status now, and also in the future. It paints a very solid picture which made me confident in my life. I also discover that a good financial planning is very important to gain wealth and financial security- rather than blindly pursuing earnings but without proper planning.

I would strongly recommend this meeting to others. Thank you Stanley and Maxine, I gain a lot through the session.”

Vern Jun, Physician

Understand The Purpose of Each Money Saved

“Very friendly and patience to go through my financial report to me, the most beneficial part is understand the purpose of each money saved, and better planning for the saving I have.

The biggest realisation is I think I need to track the records where is my money spent to, so I can have better planning.

Yes, I would recommend Maxine to my friends, as I can feel her passion to her work and try to help people to manage a better financial plan.”

Siau Yong, Marketing

Made Me Aware of Current Financial Situation

“Thank you Stanley for the one-on-one consultation on the financial roadmap. A very fruitful discussion. This made me aware of my current financial situation. To be honest, it really scared me 😅 I have a target but can I achieve it later? But from my consultation with Stanley, he did gave me a few points and tips to help me to manage my financial situation. Definitely will repeat this again with him to ensure I on the right track to achieve my financial goals.

So, if you are like me who has a target but still not sure how to manage or achieve it, I recommend you guys to have this one-on-one consultation. 🙂

Yaya Zulkeffli, Senior Executive

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