A Date with Money

By Maxine Chan (Author), Universiti Putra Malaysia Press (Publisher)

A Date with Money helps create a unique and fresh relationship with money.

Money always becomes the subject of argument, conflict, and fight in society, affecting our happiness and peace.

Nonetheless, if we understand and connect money with LOVE, TIME, PURPOSE and HEALTH, money is such a great treasure, and personal finance becomes meaningful.

This engaging, light, and easy-to-read book shows us a new idea about money – how we understand it and connect it with love, time, purpose and health – that can bring more happiness and a better environment into our lives.


“I love the easy-to-understand and concise explanation of every chapter coupled with real life experiences and examples. The relevant illustrations helped to diffuse the heavy topic of Money, making it less “serious”. Using 4 chapter and its various themes and concepts, it truly sets the stage to view this publication differently from what we normally see. There is this good vibe sprinkled with lots of heart which is very much needed especially in this times, where we need an even more holistic view and approach.”
— Eile GohFinancial Consultant of PACS

“Satu naskah yang bagus sebagai peringatan mengenai life balance. Message cerita-cerita dalam ni banyak menyentuh mengenai perancangan kehidupan tanpa mengabaikan tanggungjawab hakiki. Tiada yang sempurna tapi kita boleh jadikan kehidupan kita bermakna bila kita tahu apa yang perlu difocuskan dan apa yang less priority. Kekadang peringatan sebegini menjadikan kita lebih yakin dalam melangkah dan membuat keputusan dalam dunia yang mencabar ni. Amat membantu. Terima kasih owner buku yang comel molek Maxine Chan. Boleh contact beliau untuk dapatkan this true treasure.”
— Mohd RadhieSurvey Engineer

A Date with Money, an interesting topic and meaningful book which created value and helped me to understand how to manage money with love and without misusing it. The comics well humorously illustrate each topic and is easy to understand. It is worth reading such a heavy topic in this different way and it gives you a different perspective on how we should be dealing with money 💰❤️”
— Gillian Song

“Advises on money can be pretty boring to read, but having ‘a date’ with it heightens interest and gives valuable knowledge on how to manage it. With added visuals for an easier understanding, this book is a great read. Enjoy!”
— Roziah Hilal

She amazingly pointed out in her book the value of money. No doubt money is important but how we view it and how much are we willing to let go of it is equally important. Get a copy and for a different perspective of money.”
— Kok Hwa, HR Executive

“A book that changed my relationship with money.”
— Lim Sze Yan

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