The common good for all is the best security

The wonderful month of March starts with a 4 day workshop with @seeds.msia . It opens my eyes to eco & natural farming, food forest, and permaculture – the practices that are so important to all life and foods on the table. It also let me see that farming is a way of life that cares for nature, care for people, and a fair share for all – and this should be the way for whatever we do in life.

Wealth lies in the function of ecology. Money has no use when nature couldn’t produce healthy foods, water and air anymore. So, I think it’s time we must realign our way of using money in the path which cares for nature, people and a fair share for all, this is the wealth practice that we human beings should uphold.

Big thank you to Guru Razak, Kak Intan, Au-Diya, and Seeds Malaysia team Kak K @kebunsua , Ashaari @kelefeh , Danny @dannyyseah and all lovely participants from all around Malaysia. Grateful for this get-together. It planted the seeds of hope, creativity and action. It reorient people to the new north that secured a sustainable future. It connects beautiful people for a movement for the common good.

Nature, wealth and people are together, the common good for all is the best security and joys of life.

Build better we,

Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy