Rebuilding My House

It is an excellent, memorable experience to be involved and witness building a house from the scratch.

I thought I was contributing to building a house for Mr Khairul.

But in fact, the whole team also helped me to rebuild my own house. 🏡

It was a different feeling when I got home late at night after this volunteering program.

I was moved when I walked into my house.

I feel the floor and walk on it; it’s amazing.

I feel the wall, touching it; it’s solid.

I feel the house’s structure, like the strong bone; it’s safe.

I feel the roof, even though I can’t touch it, but it’s high and there.

I feel even more grateful that after years of staying, I’m finally in touch with my own house.

I am more conscious of every single component in my house, especially the wall and the screw, because, in these three days, I’m involved in building the wall and cutting and screwing; it’s tiring.

Looking around my house, I feel so blessed and joyful.

Thanks, EpicHomes and Prudential for the organising and sponsorship.

I learned a lot and had a great time with the great team.❤


Build better we,

Maxine Chan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy