Awareness Wake-up

Experience river clean-up on a Saturday morning, the place looks like a big longkang, but it’s a river – Sungai Keroh, near KTM Segambut.

On the way walking to the riverside, we can smell the water, the smell of trashes, waste, and pollution. While picking up the trashes, we can see all the familiar items – human creation rubbishes, which not suppose to be there at the river. We can even pick up a Malaysian flag at the river.

It’s a good reflection of how we use the money to buy stuff because of desire and convenience, buy stuff beyond what we need, and do not fully utilise the stuff; then it becomes waste, carelessly dumps the waste, and pollutes our own life element – water.

Thank you, Hara Makers. Thankful for this enjoyable experience. It creates a great reminder to be aware and reflects how the flowing in and out of my money, like the flowing of the river water. It’s a river clean-up, it’s also an awareness wake-up.

We believe when we are mindful of humanistic wealth practice while using money, consuming and utilising resources, it helps reduce pollution and create an enjoyable flow of money, life and happiness. 💗💙

River Clean-up, Awareness Wake-up

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