Wealth education at Kg. Jiboi Baru

We had a wonderful journey to Cendol Songkok Tinggi and shared the wealth education awareness with the community. This is our EVOL table talk #54, and we love having it at this beautiful place with the lovely people here at Kg. Jiboi Baru. 🥰🍧

Great meeting with the owner and keluarga of Cendol Songkok Tinggi. I’m inspired by the business mission of giving back to the community and the will to care for the staff’s financial planning and well-being, especially for the young. I see this as an excellent example of a #BuildBetterWe community-based business. 💞

On the wealth education topic, we touch on a simple yet essential question: ‘Adakah kita perlu Insuran?’ We have two rounds of sharing with around 16 of them, talk about ‘keperluan’, ‘kemampuan’ and ways to get ‘apa yang kita perlu dan mampu’.

What we share during the session is less important, but what everyone feels in common about insurance is more important because that is the real feeling and living that we have in reality. So thankful to all the people involved in this talk; because of your openness, we talked, shared feelings, and identified the solution that helps “sediakan payung sebelum hujan”. ☂

To have real financial peace, we must not let consumerism and materialism be in charge of how we use our money. We firmly believe humanistic wealth awareness, practice, and education are the way to bring us back to the joy that beyond money can buy.

Thank you for the invitation and experience. We are looking forward to our next gathering with you guys! 🤩

Wealth education talk #54 at Kg. Jiboi Baru

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