Mengawal Stress, Enjoy Kerja

No one knows when critical illness may happen to us. When we have a critical illness, it’s not easy to stay calm, and control our stress, because we need to deal with pressure from many areas. It comes not only from our bodies but also mentally, emotionally and financially.

But when we try to understand further the illness and the stress, it may somehow help us be prepared and reduce our fear and stress.

I’m so grateful for Sry, sharing with us her experience and awareness with open-heartedness and great energy. No matter if you are now healthy, less healthy, fighting with illness or not having an illness, I hope the message in this video brings you light and energy. 💖

Kisah Hidup Sebenar Survival Penyakit Kritikal

Build better we,

Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy