I Learned to be Self-Motivated

Today (26 July 2021), it marks my 14th year in this insurance and finance industry. No matter which industry we are in, I believe nothing is so-called – Easy.
The easiest thing, the easiest task for me, is to give up. And, nothing is easier than give up, right?

Throughout the year, emotionally, I did entertain the thought of giving up, but I know it is never an option, and it is never a decision. Dealing with people is always not an easy task especially dealing with a person call ME. In these 14 years, what I learn and gain the most that I can share with you today is, learn to self-motivate. Yes, I learn to be self-motivated.

I always easily get charge up, motivated by simple praise, and acknowledge by anyone. I feel good, and this is where I can keep myself moving forward. Likewise, I feel down, discouraged, and frustrated when no one acknowledges my effort and feels disconsolate when people look down on me. My actions rely entirely on the encouragement of others. When I get a frustrating response, my engine shuts down. My engine is like that, on and off, on and off throughout the years. If I continue like this, it will only make me mentally and emotionally disturbed and tired. Instead of charging up by the words of others, learning to be self-motivated is more reliable and sustainable.

The 14th Year

Back in 2017, I started to form EVOL Consultancy; I get almost zero support and encouragement from the peer and senior. There are pretty of questioning and doubt raising toward me. It’s a big pressure, and I stress until I vomit. In fact, this is the time I need the most encouragement, but I get almost zero support. This is where I learn the most to be self-motivated. A situation that left me no choice but to be self-motivated. I stand firm with the EVOL direction and mission, and the mission and the direction become my new coach and my new leader. Since then, my partners and I have become busier as we need to do everything from A to Z. It is tired even until today, but I feel so motivated, charged up, energetic and more relax. When I have zero expectations of getting encouragement and support from anyone, I notice that self-motivation is a priority and reliable, sustainable, and authentic. And I get myself better and stronger throughout this journey.

In the current pandemic situation, I believe this is one of the biggest crises in history. No matter how bad the situation, I keep reminding myself that every day is one step closer to my goal to my success.

Worse case, if I face bankrupt, I lost all my assets and my reputation, let me affirm to you that we are still one step further and closer to our goal, our success. My success is not determined solely based on monetary. If I am still obsessed with this formula Success = Money, my past 14 years are vain.

I can lose all my money, but I cannot lose my courage and determination; else I will lose my life.

If bankruptcy is the only outcome in the current situation, then.. accept it, welcome it, and overcome it. This is the only positive direction, we must overcome it, and it is going to be our strongest vaccination for our success, and money will flow back to us like a waterfall.

This pandemic is such a golden opportunity to hone my courage and determination. Money itself won’t lead me to success, but unshakeable courage and determination – YES. This success is more reliable, sustainable and authentic. So I always remind myself, “Dear Maxine, let’s grab this opportunity, keep moving, day by day, step by step, every day, we are one step closer to our goal, to our success.”

If you read until this paragraph, I believe 99% you must be someone that I know. Yes, this post is for you. This is what I can share with you in my role as your practitioner financial consultant. I want to say thank you, and I’m grateful to have you on my journey. My dear brothers and sisters, we have a long way to go; call/WhatsApp me anytime you need a listening ear; you have my number, and I have you in my mind. If you are the 1% that I don’t know you and you are reading until here, I’m sure you must be the one I would love to connect with.

Let us stay connected. One day and soon, we will share our inspiring sustainable success journey with each other. I date you in advance.


Maxine Chan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy