What May Be The Future Worldwide Disaster

Prevention is better than cure; I heard of this phrase a long time ago. But I truly feel about it recently. Now, our only hope to overcome this global health disaster is through everyone’s efforts and mass vaccination. 😷💉

Besides COVID-19, what may be the future worldwide disaster we all can do to prevent it?

I think it is Climate Disaster. According to the scientist, we still have a little time (incoming ten years) to prevent it before our only home – earth becomes uncurable for all of us to stay healthily.

1 COVID-19 case can kill lives; a 1 degree Celsius increase in global temperature also can kill many lives. So never underestimate the impact of the rise of 1 degree Celsius, just like how we cannot underestimate the effect of a tiny COVID-19 virus which we can’t even see with our eyes. We will be surprises by the facts.

I think the COVID-19 disaster and Climate disaster have in common that it brings tremendous impact to everyone globally, and it needs everyone to contribute to the change. 🌏

I believe we all know what things we can do to prevent climate disasters. But do we eagerly do it now, like participating in the vaccination program and promoting it?

We all can do it together, with the first step of realigning our financial direction for a sustainable future. Don’t you agree? 💖

Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy