When A Patient Doesn’t Return For Follow Up

When a patient doesn’t return for follow up, his insurance application will be declined by the insurance company? Yes, there is a possibility. Because when we consult a specialist for any health reason and don’t returns for follow up, the doctor may not able to rule out the underlying cause and confirm the diagnosis or not able to prove that our illness has fully recovered.

Of course, a patient always has their reason, not to returns for follow up.
“Because it’s inconvenient..” “Because I’m busy..” “Because I’m worried..” “Because I don’t want to waste money..” “Because I already recovered well..”
However, whatever the reason may be, please returns for follow up as suggested by the doctor. It’s not only for our insurance application, more importantly, it’s also for our health so that we can have peace of mind.
Let’s watch this short video 👇

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Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy