Count The Blessing

Have a chance to do my part to contribute for religion society’s International School building project, so I take out my “Give” ‘tabung’ and counting how much I can contribute for this round.

The last time I use all the money in that ‘tabung’ was 19 Oct 2019. I put this jar near my home entrance. When I back home, I will put all the RM1 and RM5 which I have in my pocket/wallet in this ‘tabung’, RM1 is for “Give”, RM5 is for “Education”.

Whenever I buy something at the shop, the change of RM1 and RM5 always reminds me to do something for “Give” and “Education”. I guess that’s the meaning of money which unconsciously implanted in my mind on RM1 and RM5 notes throughout the years.

Count The Blessing

So how much is in the ‘tabung’ this round? It’s RM880 of RM1 notes. Since this round contribution is for Education project, so I decide to add in some of the RM5 notes too.

Through this practice, it reminds me to be grateful while spending money, and the feeling I felt while using this ‘tabung’ money is also grateful.

And I realise that to have money to do something, what I need to do is – just don’t finish spending all my money.

Do you also have similar savings habits? Let’s share and build better we!

Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy