Be Safe, Be Protected

Luncheon with an old-time friend (wearing PPE) was indeed a pleasure after a long time. We did some catching up and discussed on a few similar topics of interest like career, health and spirituality.

Given permission to explain further on what I was doing, I took the opportunity to share about “Replacement of Income” and was eager to hear about her thoughts.

I was glad that from her personal experience, she strongly agreed to the importance of “Replacement of Income” and also Medical Protection.

However, to my surprise, she didn’t have both! Hence, I offered to help with preparing a solution at hand, which she gladly accepted to consider – This reminded me of a quote:  

“We can play it safe, and we wouldn’t blame us for it. We can continue as we’ve been doing, and we’ll survive, but is that what we want? Is that enough?”

So, I asked myself, is being safe alone enough, or being protected is what we want?

Kaison Ganesan