100% Your Responsibility


This is so true. Regardless we were born in a poor family or rich family, married or single, on career or housewife, we have our own responsibility to take care of our future.

If we came from a poor family, means we need to work hard, to put more effort to make sure our family will live better than before.

If we came from a rich family, it doesn’t mean we no need to work. Working is not only about the money, the income. It’s about responsibility, experience and what can we give to the society.

If we are married, yes, it’s a blessing to have a husband who can taking care of us. But, we need to have our own income, our own savings, our own insurance. Cannot put 100% of financial planning on our husband because anything can happen, we don’t know. In fact, I’m grateful that I managed to help my husband to share the burden and support our family together. Based on my personal experience, through out my journey, I feel that both me & my husband gain a better mutual respect as both of us working hard for our family future.

If we are single, of course we need to prepare everything on our own, to ourselves.

For housewife, although housewife is not a career women, but it’s a profession too! So we must protect ourselves wisely too! Remember, with current technology and opportunity, we still can earn money from any places. As long as we can have our own income, own savings to create our future.

All of these is because, our life is 💯% our RESPONSIBILITY ✊🏻

Syafini Redzuan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy