Earn, Protect, Save, Spend

These are my beloved sons, my precious, my big why, my life, my everything 💗

I’m working hard for these little guys, for their better future 💖

But, we all know that there are many uncertainties, if I don’t have enough time, or I can’t afford to work anymore, how can I provide them a better future?

Takde makna kalau i kerja kuat, kumpul duit banyak-banyak, tapi tak protect my income. Sebab kalau tiba-tiba i tak mampu nak kerja, impian i hancur nak provide the better future for my sons.

Dulu i fikir, berapa lama i nak kena simpan duit untuk sediakan RM200,000 at least for each of them? 😱
Why not i CREATE that big amount by contributing a little amount? So that, if something happen to me, they already have at least RM200,000 each.

So, apa i buat?
Earn, PROTECT, save, spend & repeat.
With this, I have a peace of mind. I dah tak risau about their future 🥰

Syafini Redzuan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy