The Chance To Give

When I started to work about 1 year +, my income is low and not much saving. And I suddenly received a call from my mom, she asks whether I have a few thousand.

Then I straight ask her why u need this much? And I said I don’t have with the voice of ignoring (because I earn not much and I’m kind of stress during that time). After I hang up the phone. I immediately felt so bad. I feel really bad because I’m not affordable to provide her and I shouldn’t ask her the reason for the money. I should just give as much as I can without asking any reason because this is all about TRUST, and she is the one who won’t simply seek for help.

When I’m young, my mom sends me to all kind of tuition, hoping that I have more choice in future. All the tuition fees are not cheap. She has sacrificed her youth for children, and I don’t even have an intention in my mind at all to allocate pocket money to my mom, not even RM100. 100 divide by 30 days, it is not even a cup of coffee a day to my mom. I think I’ve hurt my mom, but I didn’t call her back to say sorry. Sound easy but really hard to say this word – sorry.

This is really a bad feeling, even until now, when I think back… I feel so bad… I hope I can erase this memory.

This is where I started to at least set it as a goal and allocation of my income for mom allowance and emergency fund (mom shopping). Since then, whenever my mom needs money, I will never allow myself to say no. So it becomes my push factor to work harder.

As at now, I only provide pocket money to my mom but not my father. Maybe because I’m a daughter, even I gave him, he will reluctant or maybe shy to take.

Last month, he mentioned that his car has a problem and looking for a new car. And our associate Farhan recommend me a good deal and I bring my father to have a look. He like the car, but he counts here count there knowing that he hardly gets any loan as he already ages 68, so he needs more down-payment, and he also thinks the monthly commitment.

Then my father asks me whether my sister and I can ‘borrow’ him 30k. I straight said no problem and I said can use my name to apply for the car loan as well. And I tell him, I will share the monthly commitment with him. He is so happy, and Indeed, I feel happier. Finally, he asks, and finally, I have the chance to give.

I want to share this joy with u all. It is a kind of release. Our life is priceless, we can’t buy life to live longer, and our parent is the one provide this priceless gift to us- life, that’s why I have the chance to meet u all here. With this point itself, I have ‘unlimited debt’ to my parent, don’t you agree?

Financial planning is a journey, is a commitment but not convenience. And this journey allows me to be better me in control my emotion, control my diet, and discipline, and be better me in being a daughter.

This is my #BeBetterMe journey on my financial journey. Now I a bit stress because my budget sudah lari sikit 🤭, however, this is a happy problem, just work harder to increase income. 💪

Thanks for reading till the end 💕

Maxine Chan
Financial Consultant,
EVOL Consultancy