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Syafini Redzuan
Financial Consultant

Bachelor of Finance (Hons.)

Syafini Redzuan is a mother of two. She wants to have a promising career so that she can provide her family financially, and she always wanted to provide time for her family too. This lady, who graduated in Bachelor of Finance (Hons.) from Universiti Tenaga Nasional is soulful and passionate and sees the world differently from most. For her, children are not an excuse for her not to go further in her career, but they are the reason she needs to work harder and aim higher.

Her mission is to help Malaysians to have proper financial planning by securing their income and disciplined to make a habit of saving money. She believes, to “Be Better Me” is about to have a good practice and attitude towards money, and these come from a positive mindset.

Since she joined EVOL Consultancy in 2016, she has proved with a positive changed of mindset. After two years of striving, she managed to secured 100 lives – meaning that to secure these 100 lives, she has met and shared the financial planning ideas to easily more than 300 people in two years.

She has created more than ten videos to inspire others to have proper financial planning and also to get out from the comfort zone. She also actively posted the Instagram story to share awareness, thought and her life story. These are her way to “Build Better We” with the public by sharing positive things.

For those who know her, Syafini is a friendly and cheerful person. She is also an easy-going lady that people are easily getting along with her. She always treats her clients, just like her friends.

She has big goals to achieve, to provide the best education for her children, to support her parents and bring them anywhere they want to, and to contribute to society. When her friends, family and clients know and trust of what she’s doing, she believes that is the way to “Lead Better Lives” with them.

Everyone has weaknesses and strength. For Syafini, she knows that her weaknesses and strengths alike make her the inspiring person she is today.

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“Ribhan Syafini is very helpful in explaining in details of what insurance coverage that meets my requirements. Her friendliness make me able to understand thoroughly and that’s being the reason I’m choosing PruBSN Takaful.”
Syikeen Harith, Senior Executive, HR

“Hi! I dah kenal Syafini lama. Since uni. time. I memang rasa this career match her the most. Dia sejenis friendly & approachable. Even dah kenal lama she never push us to sign up with her, but she shared her knowledge about how important to have medical insurance, financial planning, income replacement etc. instead. Easy to talk to her as she never used jargon terms. She will also recommend what is the best for us after knowing our financial condition & objective. Based on my experiences (signed up Hibah & medical insurance), the procedures went smoothly & quite fast. I really hope that she is reachable when we (clients) need her assistance. And I believe she is :)”
Fath, Human Resource

“I was not aware of my financial situation until I had this fruity consultation with Syafini. As I am stepping into another phase of life, it is crucial for me to plan my financial with clear and bigger picture. This session makes me realize that I need to understand my financial need and grow an investment for a better future for me and my family. I am highly recommended for this session to be shared with everyone for them to have better financial planning and budgeting.”
Irma, Account Executive

“Main reason untuk tahu mengenai Anggun. The examples of cases/situations really helps me understand on how the plan works. But the best part was actually when I realize how I am not aware of the importance of having replacement of income! Seronok borak without feeling being sell with insurance plans. Sebelum ni memang kurang faham pasal insurance that I sign in for, so grateful sebab lebih faham so I really recommend to have this kind of consultation with a well versed consultant yg bukan hanya nak menjual plan murah but know the importance of having that financial planning for the future of your own self and family.”
Jasmine, Kindergarten Teacher

“I was invited by a good friend, Syafini. Thanks to her this session has benefited me a lot in terms of knowledge. I told her to share this knowledge to our other friends too as I believe this would mean a lot to them (as how I feel now). I can’t remember the name of the guy speaker but he’s delivering greatly during the session. Same goes to the cute lady. Thank you guys, now I know why Syafini loves what she’s been doing because she has a great team supporting her. Keep doing great, may God bless all of you!”
Nurul Farhanna, HR Executive

“Friendly, Informative, helpful, Great Consultant!”
Faishah Halid, Data Processing Executive

“The session had enable me to understand in details of the package offered, in a way that is quite higher than my original expectation. Consultant had maintain highest degree of professionalism, able to communicate well with me and clearly understand my need. The knowledge for that specific insurance package is very extensive & consultant is able to provide immediate respond/answer to given questions. The most beneficial part is when Consultant explain in detail on the exposure of not having any protection against illness/unexpected event. I knew now that my financial situation is at risk as I have yet have any protection against women critical illness. Without it, In case of any unwanted event, my financial will be burden. Now the policy will get me covered. Yes, definitely recommended.”
Meen, Teacher

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