About EVOL

Stanley Gan
Financial Consultant

Registered Financial Planner (RFP),
BBA (Hons.) Marketing Management,
more than 12 years’ experience in the financial planning industry.

After a year working as a manager with one of the companies in Melaka, Stanley realized that his value is not only limited to one company, but he wants to build his self-worth, create and contribute more value to peoples.

For Stanley, insurance as the foundation of financial planning and its functions are so good. However, there are so few people who know it, yet so many people who misunderstand it.

He sees it as an opportunity and a need to raise public awareness of insurance and financial planning. In 2009, he entered into the insurance industry.

Besides, Stanley disagrees that insurance should become a tool for agent/consultant merely to make money. Because if that’s the case, it will defeat the purpose of insurance functions and values. For him, a financial consultant should focus on the client’s needs. Therefore, what consumes Stanley every day is the desire to raise the standards of being professional insurance and financial consultant.

In 2015, Stanley furthered his professional development as a certified Registered Financial Planner (RFP).

In August 2017, he started EVOL Consultancy together with his partner, Maxine Chan. He focuses on coaching professional insurance and financial consultants.

Stanley believes that focus on adding values to the client (Build Better We) and contribute values to the society (Lead Better Lives) are the key to success, not only for a successful career but also for a successful life.



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Should I Cut It And Get A New One?

Personal Vs Company Insurance



Effective in Identifying Our Aim & How to Achieve it

“Thank you Stanley for the one on one consultation done for my family financial road map. The session was effective in identifying our aim and how to achieve it starting now. We noticed we have multiple source of savings but didn’t really put an objective to it clearly. All we know is we need to save but Stanley pointed out our flaws that without actual purpose, we can’t have a proper plan to achieve it. Hence, each saving serves a purpose. And now we have identified each clearly and had a chance to project it and Stanley suggested further how to allocate our resources on monthly basis correctly to achieve our long term financial goal. Most importantly, we now notice how important insurance is to help us if anything goes south in our plan – how much we suppose to have and how much we are currently lacking. Once again, thank you for customizing the financial road map to us! I recommend to whoever reads this post to have a session with EVOL Consultancy.”
Liyana, Senior Executive

A Very Solid Picture Which Made Me Confident

“This is my first financial planning session. Stanley and Maxine gave a very clear and detail explanation, which was very easy to understand, and it was up to expectation.
The analysis made me know where do I stand in my financial status now, and also in the future. It paints a very solid picture which made me confident in my life. I also discover that a good financial planning is very important to gain wealth and financial security- rather than blindly pursuing earnings but without proper planning.
I would strongly recommend this meeting to others. Thank you Stanley and Maxine, I gain a lot through the session.”
Vern Jun, Physician

Made Me Aware of Current Financial Situation

“Thank you Stanley for the one-on-one consultation on the financial roadmap. A very fruitful discussion. This made me aware of my current financial situation. To be honest, it really scared me 😅 I have a target but can I achieve it later? But from my consultation with Stanley, he did gave me a few points and tips to help me to manage my financial situation. Definitely will repeat this again with him to ensure I on the right track to achieve my financial goals.
So, if you are like me who has a target but still not sure how to manage or achieve it, I recommend you guys to have this one-on-one consultation. 🙂
Yaya Zulkeffli, Senior Executive

Actual Study Cases Compiled is Very Helpful

“Credits to EVOL for coming out with such original content and use it to educate us.
The actual study cases compiled is very helpful and they break it down by further analyzing and explaining the why behind the what making it easy for participant to understand the pointer and message.
Definitely worth to attend for someone who is looking to start planning for retirement.
Thank you Maxine, Stanley and team.”
Kok Hwa, HR Executive

His Passion, Enthusiasm about Insurance

“Highly recommended insurance representative Stanley Gan, as well as great financial planner for individual, family, company owner or businessman. For the past, more than 10 years, been service our family, due to his passion, enthusiasm about insurance. Both me, and my wife been admitted to hospital before, with his great and fast service we have no worry on expensive medical bill. Thank you Mr. Stanley. Wish you all the best and always success.”
Ricky Lee, Business Owner

Make Sure Everything Done Smoothly

“Alhamdulillah had my laparoscopic cholecystectomy surgery done successfully. A reminder to start eating healthy, love myself more I think. 😅 Thank you so much Stanley Gan for helping me to make sure everything done smoothly. Of course Sunway Medical Centre, for a warm hospitality and excellent treatment. 💛
Shikin, Housewife

Right Knowledge & Essence

“In my opinion the most beneficial part is the allocation percentage shown on how we should allocate our money in monthly commitment. That was indeed the most hardest part when we do monthly segregation. Through this talk, I learn on how proper budgeting plan can actually help in order for us to plan for future ahead. Sure this discussion surely meet up to my expectation on getting what I can say as right knowledge/essence on building up a proper budget plan from scratch. Thank you EVOL.”
Norfarahana, Executive

Helpful to See Case Studies As Example

“All sessions were equally beneficial but it was helpful to see the case studies as examples.
Biggest discovery was utilizing flexi home loan as “fixed deposit” or reserve fund.
This was my first session so cannot compare. Better than my expectation. Yes definitely recommended.”
Munirah, Doctor

Very Helpful to Me

“The financial consultant provide a clear briefing on the saving plan that I have choose. He answer all question that I ask regarding this saving plan. He also provide summary of the financial plan that we have discuss on previous meeting. The financial planning is very helpful to me.”
Rofadiah (Nonny), Senior Security Analyst


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