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Maxine Chan
Financial Consultant

Registered Financial Planner (RFP), Author of A Date with Money, Financial Engineering (Hons.), more than 13 years’ experience in the financial planning industry.

Maxine believes that higher education meant to widen our knowledge, not to narrow our career choices and contributions. During her time as a student at Multimedia University, she realized that insurance as an essential part of a financial plan, but yet insurance become the most misunderstood subject for so many peoples.

With this in mind, Maxine enters into the insurance industry as a Financial Consultant right after she completed her bachelor degree in Financial Engineering (Hons).

What motivates Maxine every day is the responsibility to influence and educate more people with the right mindset of insurance and financial planning. Throughout the years, she had successfully reached out to more than 500 clients and assisted them in achieving their financial goal.

“Higher education meant to widen our knowledge, not to narrow our career choices and contributions.” – Maxine Chan

In 2017, she realized the traditional way of promoting insurance and financial planning is no longer effective, especially for young people. Therefore, in August, she started her company – EVOL Consultancy (EVOL), together with her partner, Stanley Gan, who share the same thoughts.

At EVOL, Maxine and her team focus on the vision of “Be Better Me”, “Build Better We”, and “Lead Better Lives”, and committed to Enhancing Value Of Lives and contributing to the betterment of society through Wealth Education and Wealth Planning.

A Date with Money, written by Maxine Chan, published by Universiti Putra Malaysia Press.

Besides that, they practice remote working! Which means it’s a company that allows you to have the control to design the days so that our professional and personal lives can be experienced to the fullest potential and coexist peacefully.

Maxine strongly believes that the attitude of continuously learning, striving, improving ourselves (Be Better Me) and at the same time Enhancing Value Of Lives (Lead Better Lives) is the path of true success.




13 years and still counting

Do I Need Insurance For My Property Investment?

Am I a Professional?



Interesting & Concise

“It has enough information on what I wanted to know, so it doesn’t bore you into dry topics. Otherwise if I need to find information online, belajar sendiri, faham sendiri.. But it’s good enough, it’s concise, you terus tahu what financial planning is about. All in all this is a very good session!”
Hani, Social Worker

Opened My Eyes For The First Time About The Health of My Financial Situation

“I have never considered consulting a professional financial planner before. To my surprise, Maxine mapped out my 30 year financial health projection with different case scenarios about my potential cash flow should different situations occur. She even projected how much I can spend on travel and how much I should save for my kids tertiary education. I also found out when I can finally retire happy without worrying about my financial commitments. Having these information given to me in a well documented report opened my eyes for the first time about the health of my financial situation.
I really appreciate Maxine’s patience, professionalism and effort to explain to me the details and check with me the accuracy of the data. Her honest and open feedback on my financial health has given me more confidence on my future financial planning. Maxine displayed maturity and experience in handling complicated financial matters especially when dealing with financial planning for both my Malaysia and Singapore financial situations.
I am happy that I agreed to undergo a professional financial planning with Maxine. I strongly recommend her professional services and it is without a doubt a first class service from her.”
Ben Ooi, Engineer

Clear Cut Strategy

“The best part about it is actually the knowledge of financial planning and how you want to do budgeting, that’s the most essential part of our life. It also gives you a clear cut method or strategy on what should you take to have better financial planning.”
Akmal, Procurement

Understand The Purpose of Each Money Saved

“Very friendly and patience to go through my financial report to me, the most beneficial part is understand the purpose of each money saved, and better planning for the saving I have.
The biggest realisation is I think I need to track the records where is my money spent to, so I can have better planning.
Yes, I would recommend Maxine to my friends, as I can feel her passion to her work and try to help people to manage a better financial plan.”
Siau Yong, Marketing

Actual Study Cases Compiled is Very Helpful

“Credits to EVOL for coming out with such original content and use it to educate us.
The actual study cases compiled is very helpful and they break it down by further analyzing and explaining the why behind the what making it easy for participant to understand the pointer and message.
Definitely worth to attend for someone who is looking to start planning for retirement.
Thank you Maxine, Stanley and team.”
Kok Hwa, HR Executive

Help Us to Understand & Utilise Different Options

“Good sharing with different real case study of retirement journey which help us to understand and to utilise different options to secure the retirement plan based on owns requirement.”
Suet Wee, Purchaser


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