About EVOL

Amirul Ahmad
Wealth Planner

Bachelor of Creative Technology

I’m proud to be a Financial Consultant representing EVOL Consultancy, a company that values family and community. I love helping people understand insurance and how it can be best to help you with your individual needs. With this, my mission is to be a professional consultant on Insurance and Financial Advisory services to all Malaysian – providing creative solutions, and comprehensive services are of utmost importance.

I am an outgoing person who sees the little details that make up the big picture. I can creatively apply solutions to problems that you didn’t know were there, to make life brighter. My goal is to do my job to the best of my ability, which means to be the best at all times and journey, and always with the sincerest smiles on my face. I believe work should bring a sense of satisfaction each day, which in turn brings you joy!




“Amirul is very friendly and patience in giving explanation regarding the Hibah subject that I ask him. After listening to his advise I know that I made the right decision and already recommended it to my friends to him. I think the most important thing and most beneficial part of the consultation is to listen first of what the client wants and Amirul did just that. He respected my view and later gave me the necessary advise. He made me at ease without giving me any pressure.”
Amin Abdul Nasir, Script Writer

“Amirul was very helpful and friendly and was very clear during his consultation. He met all my objectives and expectation and answered all the questions I had. His consultation helped clarify all the muddled information I had prior and I now know I can make more informed decisions when it comes to my financial future. I definitely would recommend Amirul to my friends and family. He’s great to talk to and always cheerful, so you know you’re in good hands! Thank you Amirul, I look forward to further consultations with you!”
Jelo Jinggut, Writer (TV Production)

“Ya sangat sesuai dan mencapai objektif dan harapan saya. Amirul seorang yang sangat profesional, sangat ramah dan banyak ilmu runding kewangan yang saya dapat selama kami berbincang. Boleh dikatakan semua bahagian sangat bermanfaat bagi saya. Hanya dengan adanya insurans dapat menjamin masa depan lebih baik. Ya saya ada mengesyorkan kepada kawan-kawan lain juga.”
Akram Ahmad, Guru

“I had a wonderful consultation session with Amirul, who assessed my financial situation and provided some excellent tips on how to manage and create wealth. He is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and always mindful of my time and availability. I also liked his courteous manner and calm tone during the consultation which is a huge plus point. After the consultation, I’ve realised there are other options available to me to manage my finances which I was not aware of before. I would definitely recommend this consultation to family and friends, and Amirul would be my choice for anyone looking for a capable consultant :)”
Arvin Mogan, Business Process Specialist

“Amirul was articulate and precise in his presentation. He attended and clarified all my questions regarding hibah and also medical coverage for my children. Will be considering him as my insurance agent in the future. Best of luck Amirul.”
Nana, Cook

“Harapan saya ingin ada medical card untuk saya dan family serta hibah dengan pelan yang paling minima. Wakil perunding sangat bagus, penjelasan teratur dan berkeyakinan dalam menyampaikan mesej. Hibah untuk family paling bagus. Selama ini saya tidak begitu baik dalam menguruskan kewangan.. kalau ikutkan saya, saya perlu ada pelan ini. Semestinya saya akan minta teman-teman dan saudara-mara saya serta keluarga saya memberi perhatian pada insurance ini, reward untuk diri dan keluarga.”
Mohd. Shamsul Fizan, Peniaga Freshmart

“Consultation was very direct and easily understood. I personally don’t have any objectives and expectations in the beginning. The consultant was very knowledgeable and replied to my queries. I was very satisfied with the answers. The part that he explained, that I think is the most beneficial was, “you need to start setting a target or goal and work towards it” Most people work hard in order to save money but in reality to have a target at the top makes more sense. It made me realise that I need to start planning for my future financials. Yes I do recommend him to others.”
Katrina Ang, Teacher

The consultation has opened my mind on how important having a policies for my spouse and children which conducted in a very professional manner. I find it would benefit when he is being honest with my age for the purpose and I would recommend to others about this policies.”
Malek Sulamin, Producer

“The presentation was meet my expectations. Mr. Amirul Ahmad was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. He presented the slides very well. I think the most beneficial part is Hibah. He is very recommended”
Zureen Azwan Ezani, Chef @ Cook

“Start with my expectations and elaborate based on that. Really nice presentation and the presentation quite enjoyable because its direction its towards my expectations. Very professional and knowledgeable about the financial consultant regardless by its company and other competitors. Most beneficial from explanation about the current package that having in the market. My realisation is still have a lot work to do and self motivate towards surviving in this world. Yes will recommend to others.”
Noorul Ameen, Executive (Project Quality)

“Yes. He has explained all my questions clearly. He very friendly and professional in description and organized. Most beneficial part for me is Medical Saving (savings after retirement). Biggest realisation is I need the services of a consultant to plan financially in health. Yes. Definitely recommended.”
Sri Hidayat, CAD Design

“Salam. Sesi perbincangan saya bersama saudara Amirul Ahmad tempoh hari berjalan dalam suasana yang sangat kondusif. Beliau mampu menerangkan dengan baik segala maklumat dan pertanyaan yang telah saya bangkitkan. Selain itu, beliau turut mempunyai pengetahuan mendalam terhadap perkara yang disampaikan. Sesi itu juga berjaya membuatkan saya lebih jelas tentang konsep Hibah dan perancangan kewangan. Sesi seperti ini harus dilakukan secara lebih meluas agar dapat memberi kesedaran kepada masyarakat terhadap kepentingan perancangan kewangan untuk masa depan.”
Yusry Ismail, Film Producer

“Consultant was very calm and clearly explain everything that I need to know. Professional in the way he ask for opinion and answer my doubt. Most beneficial from the way he open my mind on how important it is to have the hibah for me to help my family. Biggest realisation is the important of having any one of the wealth planning product. Absolutely recommended to others…family and friends!”
Mohd Shamsul Ishak, Assistant Producer

“Everything was good, answered my questions well and very professional. Will recommend to others.”
Bibi, Optometrist

“Yes, this consultation is really benefit to me and I will share to others. Good explanation and communication between me and consultant, positive point of view in term of planning reserve plan in case to handle any unexceptional situation in term of income and healthy.”
Hamidon, Chef

“So far so good, good presentation daripada Amirul. Clear dan boleh faham segala explanation. Thank you Amirul”
Khadijatul Nain, Freelance

“The objective is clear and the expectation was given fairly. I would say the consultant did his job good and able to answer well. Most beneficial from the part where we need to prioritise our needs. I realise through this consultation on whether able to sustain for this commitment considering with the current pandemic situation. Yes definitely recommended.”
Fairoz Mohd Haniffa, Sales & Marketing Consultant

“It was great for the entire presentation. Amirul is a kind and friendly consultant, he made the presentation easily to understand on the visual part and the explanation part. I will definitely recommend him as a financial consultation to others.”
Jayson, Freelancer

“Good.. all went well.. Explanation good. Part that is good is the plan. Realisation is should have a plan.. but because of covid need time to think.. job offer is not good at this time. Surely recommended.. consultant is good and leader also good.”
Muhammad Harminder Singh, Actor

“Saya berpuas hati di atas penerangan dan huraian daripada Encik Amri. Saya bagi 4/5 star.”
Noto Kasuma, Government (PDRM)

“Passion, knowledge and a genuine interest in achieving the best for clients is what makes a truly professional Financial Adviser. Amirul Ahmad had this and more. His dedication to clients, business excellence and education sets him apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.”
Matthew, Video Producer